Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thank you.

It's interesting to read my outlook on my own life in the earlier posts in this blog, then compare that to my last two entries. Well, I did say this wouldn't be a straight line toward a happy new life. The reality of it is this is just something many people deal with. I am happy to say that I'm taking steps to learn to cope with and control my life. It's just not easy when your own brain is fighting you. 

My brain is such an asshole sometimes.

This is a bit of a thank you post. Thank you, dear reader, for being there. Since I've started this blog, I've been overwhelmed with the amount of people that have reached out to share their own stories or offer comfort. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate each person that has read, commented, or contacted me. Your reactions and support have really meant the world to me, and you've helped me get through this.

When I started writing it was mostly as self-assigned therapy. I really just wanted to get all of these thoughts out of my own head, in a way that would allow me to follow my own progress. For whatever reason, I decided to publish these to a public space that would allow me to share this journey. I am so happy I did. It really means a lot when you tell me you can relate, that it's helped you understand a family member, or just that you've enjoyed reading this. 

I especially love it when people compliment my writing. My thankfulness doesn't interfere with my own ego. 

Thank you to the friends I've made through this process. Thank you to the people that remind me I'm not alone, and this isn't the end. Thank you to the people that have said they've connected with my writing. I hope this continues to help people in some way. Knowing it's had a positive influence on others has given me a purpose. I started writing to help myself, but it's really you all that have helped me.